Israel Gaza: Biden says Israel must protect vulnerable in Rafah

Palestinians walk past houses destroyed by Israeli air strikes in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip. Photo: 12 February 2024
Image caption,Many Palestinians fleeing the violence have ended up in the city of Rafah in southern Gaza

US President Joe Biden has said civilians who are “packed” into Rafah in the Gaza Strip are “exposed and vulnerable” and must be protected.

Israel must make “credible” efforts to protect the more than one million Palestinians sheltering in the southern Gazan city, he said.

Rafah has come under heavy Israeli air strikes in recent days, with a number of casualties reported.

A Palestinian doctor told the BBC people in Rafah were living in fear.

Last week, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he had ordered troops to prepare to expand its ground operation to Rafah. He vowed to defeat Hamas gunmen hiding in the city.

UN human rights chief Volker Türk said any assault would be “terrifying” and many civilians “will likely be killed”.

More than half of the Gaza Strip’s population of 2.3 million is now crammed into the city on the border with Egypt, which was home to only 250,000 people before the war between Israel and Hamas erupted in October.

Many of the displaced people are living in makeshift shelters or tents in squalid conditions, with scarce access to safe drinking water or food.

Israel’s military launched its operations in the Gaza Strip after at least 1,200 people were killed in southern Israel on 7 October by Hamas-led gunmen, who also took 253 people hostage.

A number of those hostages were later released but Israel says 134 are still unaccounted for.

Some 28,473 Palestinians have been killed and more than 68,000 wounded in Gaza since 7 October, according to the Hamas-run health ministry there.

On Sunday, Israel’s military said two male Israeli-Argentine hostages had been rescued during a raid in Rafah.

President Biden again appealed for the protection of Rafah civilians after his meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah in Washington on Monday.

He said any major military operation in the city “should not proceed without a credible plan for ensuring the safety” of those living there.

“Many people there have been displaced, displaced multiple times, fleeing the violence to the north and now they’re packed into Rafah, exposed and vulnerable.

“They need to be protected. And we’ve also been clear from the start, we oppose any forced displacement of Palestinians from Gaza.”

Last week, the White House said it would not support major Israeli operations in Rafah without due consideration for the refugees there.

Meanwhile, Gaza’s Hamas rulers said there could be “tens of thousands” of casualties in Rafah, warning that any operation would also undermine talks about a possible release of Israeli hostages held in the territory.

The head of Israel’s intelligence agency, David Barnea, CIA chief William Burns and Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani met Egyptian officials in Cairo on Tuesday for further talks about a Gaza truce proposal, according to AFP news agency, which cited Egyptian outlet Al-Qahera News. The officials’ planned meeting was also reported in Israeli media.

Benjamin Netanyahu last week rejected Hamas’s proposed terms for a ceasefire, saying “total victory” in Gaza would be possible within months.

Alongside the US, a number of countries and international organisations have warned Israel against launching its planned offensive.

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron on Monday said Israel should “stop and think seriously” before taking further action in Rafah.

EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell urged allies of Israel to stop sending weapons, as “too many people” were being killed in Gaza.

Last week, Saudi Arabia warned of “very serious repercussions” if Rafah was stormed.

Coming face to face with inmates in El Salvador’s mega-jail

Hundreds of eyes are upon us. With shaven heads, dressed in pristine white, and heavily tattooed, the prisoners know they are being watched and return the gaze from the other side of the bars.

We are in Cecot (Centre for the Confinement of Terrorism), a maximum security jail built a year ago by the Salvadoran government to imprison “high-ranking” members of the country’s main gangs.

A gargantuan complex constructed in the middle of nowhere, it symbolises President Nayib Bukele’s controversial security policy more than any other project.

Critics of the president have called it a “black hole of human rights”, where international guidelines on prisoner rights are flouted.

Miguel Sarre, a former member of the United Nations Subcommittee for the Prevention of Torture has described it as a “concrete and steel pit”.

And referring to the fact that no-one has so far been released from the jail, Mr Sarre warned Cecot appeared to be used “to dispose of people without formally applying the death penalty”.

But in a nation where notorious gangs such as Mara Salvatrucha and the two factions of Barrio 18 – the Revolucionarios and the Sureños – have wreaked deadly havoc, the jail has been a major reason behind President Bukele’s huge popularity and his success in the polls.

“Here are the psychopaths, the terrorists, the murderers who had our country in mourning,” announces the director of the centre during a carefully choreographed tour of the cells organised by the government for international media.

“Don’t look them in the eyes,” the director, who does not want to be named but allows himself to be filmed, warns us.

The director of Cecot, holding a shotgun and wearing a mask
Image caption,The director of Cecot was the tour guide for foreign journalists

It is the middle of the night, but in here, the artificial lights are never turned off.

A waft of air filters through the lattice ceiling, providing a brief respite from the heat. The temperature in the cells can reach 35C during the day and there is no other source of ventilation.

The prison may have been called “the Alcatraz of Central America” but it is not run down – everything is new, smooth, recently painted.

Hooded guards keep watch from above, gun in hand.

Below, the prisoners climb onto the four-storey bunks on which they sleep. Without any mattresses or sheets, they have to lie on bare metal.

They eat the food they are given – rice, beans, hard-boiled eggs or pasta – with their hands.

“Any utensil can be [fashioned into] a deadly weapon,” the director explains.

Prisoners in a cell sitting on bunk beds four-storeys high
Image caption,In the cells, the prisoners sleep in bunk beds with four tiers

There is nothing else within the cell’s three cement walls apart from two sinks for prisoners to wash in and two toilets, which inmates have to use in plain sight of everyone else.

And there is nothing else to do but watch time go by.

Inmates only get to leave these cells for 30 minutes a day to exercise – using only their own bodyweight – in the central corridor of Block 3, which is the one our group of journalists is allowed to inspect.

There are seven other blocks like this one within the enormous complex, which covers the equivalent of seven football stadiums.

The compound is surrounded by two electrified fences and two reinforced concrete walls, and guarded by 19 towers.

Map showing location of Cecot
Image caption,Cecot is located in Tecoluca, 74km (46 miles) south-east of the capital, San Salvador

According to the government, Cecot can hold up to 40,000 inmates.

But it is not clear how many are currently locked up there. Nor on what grounds those who are there have been selected for this facility.

Asked directly about the number of prisoners, the director responds: “We can’t provide that information.”

“What is the maximum capacity of each cell?” we insist.

“Where you can fit 10 people, you can fit 20,” the director says, appearing to smile from behind his anti-Covid mask.

Journalists and prison guards inside Cecot
Image caption,The BBC and other media gained access to Cecot during a carefully managed guided tour

Since the jail opened on 31 January 2023, the BBC had repeatedly requested access to the mega-prison.

It was finally granted two days after President Nayib Bukele claimed victory in the presidential election held on 4 February with more than 80% of the votes.

In his victory speech – delivered from the balcony of the presidential palace to cheering crowds – Mr Bukele congratulated himself for having turned El Salvador, which was once the murder capital of the world, into one of the safest countries in the region.

Nayib Bukele, El Salvador's president, left, speaks following the presidential election in San Salvador, El Salvador, on Sunday, 4 February 2024
Image caption,President Bukele spoke to his supporters from the balcony of the National Palace on the day of the election

He also attacked those who have accused his government of human rights abuses.

Allowing international journalists to tour the prison which has become emblematic of his “iron fist” security policies appeared to be another attempt to sway those who doubt him.

After all, there has been no shortage of criticism from human rights groups.

El Salvador now has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

More than 70,000 people have been detained under the “state of exception”, an emergency measure granting draconian powers to the police and military that has been in force for two years.

Local and international human rights groups warn that thousands of those detained under the state of exception have no discernible links to gang crime.

Others were forced to collaborate with the gangs – they acted as lookouts or hid guns or drugs for them out of fear for their lives, rights group point out.

An x-ray machine shows the internal organs of a subject
Image caption,Security measures in the prison include an x-ray machine to detect hidden items that shows even internal organs

The conditions within prisons have also come under criticism.

Cristosal, the primary human rights organisation in the Central American country, has documented torture cases and more than 150 deaths in state custody since the government declared a “state of exception” in 2022.

Amnesty International (AI) warns El Salvador is experiencing the “gradual replacement of gang violence with state violence”.

In a report published in December, AI accused the Salvadoran authorities of adopting “a systematic policy of torture towards all those detained under the state of emergency on suspicion of being gang members”.

“Among the gravest consequences are deaths in state custody,” it says. But Amnesty says that “many others are the result of inhumane conditions of imprisonment or denial of medical care and medicine”.

The prison director says that no external institutions or NGOs are allowed to visit the prison.

He insists that it complies with international standards, but we have no way to check this for ourselves nor do we have access to any parts of the jail not shown to us as part of the tour.

The government argues that it is dealing with hardened criminals guilty of heinous crimes and gruesome violence.

On our tour of the prison, we are brought face to face with five prisoners selected to drive home this point.

A prisoner shows his back tattooed with symbols of the Mara Salvatrucha gang
Image caption,This inmate’s tattoos indicate that he is a member of the Mara Salvatrucha gang

With their arms and legs shackled, they are led from their cells and made to crouch facing the wall.

They are not allowed to talk.

“Come here. Turn around, please. Take off your shirt,” a guard orders the first inmate.

We are told the prisoner is a “hitman for the Mara Salvatrucha” who was sentenced to 269 years in prison for kidnapping, torturing and murdering – along with other gang members – four soldiers.

A man convicted of the femicide of a 16-year-old schoolgirl also has to show us his torso bearing the tattoos which are typical for gang members.

One of the Salvadoran photographers who is part of our group later tells me that the girl was held captive and brutally murdered, her body dumped in a canal.

Prisoners in a cell at Cecot
Image caption,Prisoners at Cecot spend all but 30 minutes of their day inside their cells

Salvadorans are not strangers to brutal crimes like those the inmates are serving time for.

In the days leading up to the election, people in street markets, on beaches, in city hotels and in poor neighbourhoods told me about the influence gangs had wielded before the government cracked down on them.

“Every month a boy used to come to charge us,” María de la Luz Paniagua, who owns a grocery store in Santa Ana, said of the frequent extortion demands.

“If you didn’t pay, they threatened you with a knife.”

Others recalled not being able to move freely because whole neighbourhoods were under gang control.

Many spoke out in support of the state of emergency imposed by President Bukele.

“Since it is in place, there are no gang members and we really feel relieved,” María says.

“There are always little things that don’t work,” she concedes, saying that some people have been unjustly detained.

But for her, it a price worth paying.

“Before, we lived in fear. Not anymore.”

Hindu Mandir: India PM Modi to inaugurate temple in Abu Dhabi

Construction workers at the site of the BAPS Hindu Mandir temple in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2024
Image caption,The BAPS Swaminarayan temple is located on a 27-acre plot

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to inaugurate a grand Hindu temple in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) during a two-day visit to the country.

The BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi is built on a 27-acre (11-hectare) plot donated by the UAE government.

India had announced its construction during Mr Modi’s visit to UAE in 2018.

Analysts say the temple will likely boost the government’s Hindu nationalist agenda ahead of the general elections due in two months.

The opening comes weeks after Mr Modi inaugurated a grand temple to Hindu god Ram in the northern Indian city of Ayodhya. It replaces a 16th-Century mosque torn down by Hindu mobs in 1992, sparking riots in which nearly 2,000 people died.

The temple in Abu Dhabi is run by the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, which calls itself a “spiritual, volunteer-driven fellowship” aimed at “fostering Hindu values of faith, service and global harmony”.

The organisation, which claims a 200-year-old history, is headquartered in Mr Modi’s home state Gujarat.

While temples have been around in the UAE for decades, this is reportedly the first one to be built using traditional techniques.

Made from pink sandstone from Rajasthan state and white Italian marble, the temple was carved in India and assembled in Dubai.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, meets with Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, during a reception at the Presidential Airport in Abu Dhabi on 13 February 2024.
Image caption,India has signed a bilateral investment treaty with UAE to promote investments in the two countries

India and UAE are close allies and share $85bn (£67.6bn) in bilateral trade. Indians also make up the largest expatriate group in the country. Hundreds of thousands of Indian Hindus live in Abu Dhabi.

Mr Modi is in the country to participate in the World Governments Summit, a forum of global leaders.

On the first day of his visit on Tuesday, he held bilateral meetings with the UAE president. Indian ministry of external affairs said the two countries signed a bilateral investment treaty and a comprehensive economic partnership agreement.

The agreements are meant to bolster cooperation in the filed of energy security and trade and digital infrastructure development.

Mr Modi also addressed a gathering of the Indian community in Abu Dhabi where he thanked the UAE president for allotting land for the temple.

Avantika: Playing Mean Girls’ Karen helps break stereotypes

Avantika, standing in front of blue school lockers. She is wearing a pink and green floral dress, and her hair is in a pink hairband
Image caption,Do you wanna go to Taco Bell? Avantika feels the role of Karen “breaks stereotypes” for women

“I hope it’s nearly as impactful for the rest of my community as it was for me to play this character.”

Avantika Vandanapu plays the role of “bimbo” Karen Shetty in the new Mean Girls musical and feels it’s a chance to change perceptions around South Asians in the film industry.

The ditzy character was originally played by Amanda Seyfried in the 2004 film, but Avantika joins a new cast and thinks it can “break stereotypes”.

“Of what we encourage women to be and what we encourage women to think like,” she tells BBC Asian Network.

In the original film, teen royalty Karen is a character who arguably doesn’t think much, whether it’s putting her whole fist in her mouth, having a “fifth sense” or crushing on a cousin.

But for Avantika, hearing the line “God Karen, you’re so stupid” was actually pretty empowering.

“Karen feels like somebody who embraces being a bimbo and embraces being someone who’s sexual.

“I think playing that kind of character, especially as a South Asian woman is really, really crazy,” the 19-year-old says.

‘Joy of musical numbers’

The musical, like the film, has been written by Tina Fey, and Avantika praises the team “for casting someone who visually also feels antithetical to someone who was like that”.

She says it’s important for her as an actress to “not spend my entire life in this industry forever being perceived as someone who can only play the shy nerd”.

“And that people see me as something different.

“It’s validated this feeling that I can truly play different characters and embody different people.”

Bebe Wood, Avantika and Reneé Rapp stood in front of blue school lockers and a pink Mean Girls photoboard
Image caption,Bebe Wood and Reneé Rapp are the film’s mean girls while Avantika is a mouse, duh

The film has debuted to mixed reviews, but Avantika was praised by some critics for “knockout comic timing”.

Mean Girls isn’t Avantika’s first role in a Hollywood production – she’s also appeared in TV series The Sex Lives of College Girls.

And before that, she was acting in Indian films, which she feels were more “male-dominated”.

“I think even now films and stories feel very hero-centric.

“But the industry has moved in a way where it feels like we’re like honouring the female perspective a little more. Which I think has been really nice to see.”

Another difference, she says, is that working on set is less intense in Hollywood.

She describes “getting a timed break and being able to do school while filming” as a “really big luxury for me”.

“The film industries [in India] are a different beast. It was much, much more difficult, like we just work more hours there and it’s a little bit more of a hustle.”

But Avantika says both “industries have their pluses and minuses”.

“The joy of doing Indian musical numbers and working with people who speak the same language as you.

“And working with people who look like you in a country where everyone’s brown, there’s no stereotype to fall back into.

“I think that’s incredibly liberating,” she says.

PNS Wajib Tahu! BKN Rilis Aplikasi Baru untuk Mutasi

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Badan Kepegawaian Negara (BKN) merilis aplikasi baru yang terkait dengan proses mutasi Aparatur Sipil Negara (ASN), termasuk Pegawai Negeri Sipil (PNS). Aplikasi itu diberi nama I-Mut.

“Dalam rangka mewujudkan manajemen ASN maka diperlukan sistem atau inovasi yang baru, pada kesempatan berbahagia ini, BKN memperkenalkan integrated mutase atau I-Mut,” kata Plt Kepala BKN Haryomo Dwi Putranto, dalam Rapat Koordinasi dan Pengendalian 2024, Selasa, (6/2/2024).

Haryomo mengatakan I-Mut merupakan aplikasi pengendalian dan pengawasan yang akan melakukan e-checking terhadap usulan pengangkatan, pemindahan, dan pemberhentian ASN. Pengawasan ini dilakukan agar setiap proses pengangkatan, pemindahan dan pemberhentian ASN itu sesuai dengan norma, standar, prosedur dan kriteria yang diamanatkan oleh Peraturan Presiden Nomor 116 Tahun 2022.

“I-Mut hadir untuk mendukung optimalisasi digitalisasi layanan manajemen ASN di semua instansi pemerintah baik pusat maupun daerah,” kata Haryomo.

Haryomo mengatakan aplikasi ini dibuat untuk efektivitas dan efisiensi dalam pelaksanaan ASn oleh Pejabat Pembina Kepegawaian. Dia mengatakan sistem ini akan menjamin bahwa pengangkatan, pemindahan dan pemberhentian ASN dilakukan sesuai dengan NSPK manajemen ASN.

“Keberadaan I-Mut diharapkan dapat mempercepat proses, menjamin akurasi, dan meminimalisasi adanya kesalahan atau penyimpangan dan memberi dukungan pengambilan keputusan administratif yang bertanggung jawab,” ujarnya.

Dia menuturkan keberadaan aplikasi ini juga bertujuan agar pengangkatan, pemindahan atau pemberhentian ASN dapat dilakukan dengan prinsip meritocracy atau berbasis kinerja. Menurut dia, aplikasi ini juga dapat mendorong transparansi dan profesionalitas dalam mutasi para ASN.

“Fungsi-fungsi pengawasan dalam sistem harus terus berjalan secara maksimal sebagai jaminan dan tetap dalam koridor yang profesional, transparan dan akuntabel,” kata dia.

Ekonomi Tak Pernah Sentuh 6% Era Jokowi, Ini Penjelasannya!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Pertumbuhan ekonomi Indonesia tak kunjung tembus hingga 6% selama masa pemerintahan Presiden Joko Widodo. Terakhir, pada 2023, pertumbuhannya hanya sebesar 5,05%, lebih rendah dari realisasi 2022 sebesar 5,31%.

Padahal, berdasarkan catatan Kementerian Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional (PPN)/Bappenas, untuk bisa menjadi negara maju atau berpendapatan tinggi, rata-rata pertumbuhan ekonomi harus 6% ke atas, dengan kontribusi sektor manufaktur terhadap produk domestik bruto (PDB) mencapai 30%.

Menteri Koordinator Bidang Perekonomian Airlangga Hartarto mengatakan, industrialisasi itu memang penting untuk terus didorong supaya realisasi pertumbuhan ekonomi bisa lebih kencang dari yang saat ini. Namun, permasalahannya kontribusi manufaktur terhadap PDB terus menurun sejak era 2000.

Pada tahun 2002, kontribusi industri manufaktur terhadap PDB mencapai 32%, dan terus merosot hanya menjadi 18,3% pada 2022. Pada 2023 pun kontribusi sektor manufaktur terhadap PDB juga masih stagnan di kisaran 18%, yakni 18,67%.

“Memang kita lihat dibanding tahun 2000 size ekonomi kita membesar sehingga kontribusi industrinya relatif sekitar 20%,” kata Airlangga di kantornya, Jakarta, Senin (5/2/2024).

Oleh sebab itu, Airlangga mengatakan, strategi yang akan digunakan untuk terus memperbesar peran industri manufaktur itu adalah dengan mengkombinasikan peranannya melalui integrasi dengan kinerja pertumbuhan sektor perdagangan dan jasa.

Ia mengatakan, kombinasi industri pengolahan atau manufaktur dengan sektor perdagangan dan jasa sudah banyak dilakukan di negara-negara maju, untuk terus mempertahankan laju pertumbuhan ekonominya.

Skema itu dikenal dengan istilah servicification. Mengutip catatan Badan Kebijakan Fiskal (BKF) Kementerian Keuangan, servisifikasi ditunjukkan dengan meningkatnya aktivitas jasa yang terkait manufaktur seperti kegiatan desain, riset dan pengembangan, serta purnajual.

Dengan demikian, meskipun kontribusi sektor industri pengolahan mengalami penurunan, namun kondisi tersebut belum membuktikan adanya gejala deindustrialisasi prematur.

“Jadi kalau kita lihat ke depan integrasi di negara maju sudah ada integrasi antara industri manufaktur dan perdagangan dan servicenya, sehingga sering disebut servisifikasi, terutama dengan teknologi digital,” kata Airlangga.

Dengan strategi integrasi sektor manufaktur dengan sektor perdagangan dan jasa, ia memastikan, kontribusinya ketiganya terhadap PDB akan tetap setara dengan kontribusi sektor manufaktur saat periode 2022 yang sebesar 32%.

“Kalau disatukan kontribusi sektor tersebut itu dekati 31%, jadi itu relatif solid dan kuat,” tegas Airlangga.

Lo Kheng Hong Blak-Blakan Sebut Kebiasaan Ini Bikin Warga RI Miskin

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Sebagai bagian dari perencanaan keuangan, menabung menjadi penting untuk dilakukan. Tetapi, investor kawakan yang dijuluki Warren Buffett-nya Indonesia, Lo Kheng Hong blak-blakan mengatakan menyimpan uang di bank akan membuat investor perlahan-lahan jatuh miskin.

“Menyimpan uang di bank sebetulnya membuat kita miskin secara pelan-pelan karena nilai uang kita semakin hari semakin turun,” kata Lo, dikutip Sabtu (3/2/2024).

Tidak hanya itu, Lo juga memilih tidak membeli obligasi atau surat utang, karena menurutnya bunga yang diberikan juga tidak besar.

“Saya juga tidak membeli emas,” kata Pak Lo, sapaan akrabnya.

Ia hanya tertarik membeli saham karena terbukti membuatnya kaya dan memiliki harta ratusan miliar. Siapa sangka, dia pernah cuan besar dari saham PT United Tractors Tbk. (UNTR) yang merupakan momen awal dirinya mengeruk keuntungan besar dari investasi saham.

Pak Lo mengungkapkan alasan utama yang membuat dirinya berinvestasi saham, khususnya di Indonesia.

“Bursa saham Indonesia menawarkan imbal hasil tertinggi di antara bursa saham utama di dunia bagi investor jangka panjang. Sudah terbukti! Saya bersyukur saya ada di dalamnya,” katanya.

Hingga saat ini, kata Lo, hampir 99% masyarakat Indonesia tidak percaya kalau investasi saham adalah pilihan terbaik. Masyarakat lebih menempatkan uang di bank atau dibelikan properti, dibanding beli saham.

Adapun Pak Lo merupakan orang yang sangat teliti dan bisa menghabiskan waktu lama membaca laporan keuangan. Usaha yang dilakukannya dalam meneliti laporan keuangan menunjukkan tidak sembarangan dalam memilih saham untuk investasi.

Pada 1998, Pak Lo membeli saham PT United Tractors Tbk (UNTR). Saat itu laba bersih UNTR minus Rp 1 triliun. Akan tetapi pendapatan perusahaan sekitar Rp 2 triliun-Rp 4 triliun dengan laba operasional sekitar Rp 1 triliun.

Lo menilai laba bersih tersebut minus karena kurs.

Ini merupakan momentum awal dari kesuksesannya sebagai investor saham. Cerita seperti ini diulang pada saham-saham yang lain.

Pada saham PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk. (INKP), Lo membeli pada harga Rp 1.000 per saham. Lalu menjualnya pada harga rata-rata Rp 10.000 per saham. Dari saham INKP, Lo berhasil meraup cuan besar dari Rp 35 miliar menjadi Rp 350 miliar. Dan ini didapat dalam kurun waktu 1,5 tahun.

Lo mampu meraup cuan hingga 5.900% dari saham UNTR dan 900% dari saham INKP.

Menurut Lo, satu kunci sukses sebagai investor saham adalah bisa mengontrol emosi.

Zuckerberg Tersudut, Mengaku Salah di Hadapan Korban

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – CEO Meta, induk perusahaan Facebook dan Instagram, meminta maaf kepada sejumlah orang tua yang anak-anaknya menjadi korban dalam platform media sosial. Dia menjanjikan pihaknya terus melakukan upaya agar kejahatan pada anak di internet tidak lagi terjadi.

Permintaan maaf itu dilakukan setelah senator Partai Republik, Josh Hawley meminta Zuckerberg melakukannya. Dalam rapat bersama senator AS, diperlihatkan video dan cerita anak-anak korban media sosial seperti bunuh diri karena diperas oleh predator seksual.

“Apakah sekarang Anda ingin meminta maaf pada korban yang dirugikan oleh produk Anda,” kata Hawley saat sidang, dikutip dari Reuters, Kamis (1/2/2024).

Zuckerberg berdiri dan berbalik menghadap para keluarga yang ada di blakangnya. Dia mengatakan kejadian mengerikan di media sosial harusnya tidak boleh dialami siapapun.

“Saya minta maaf untuk semua yang Anda lalui. Tidak seorang pun harus mengalami hal-hal yang dialami keluarga Anda dan itulah alasan kenapa kami berinvestasi cukup banyak dan terus melakukan upaya industri agar memastikan tidak ada satupun yang mengalaminya lagi,” jelas Zuckerberg.

Para senator mengkritik keras platform media sosial yang berdampak buruk pada anak-anak. Bahkan menyebut produk tersebut sudah berlumuran darah karena telah membunuh orang.

“Tuan Zuckerberg [Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook] dan perusahaan-perusahaan sebelumnya, saya tahu Anda tidak bermaksud, namun tangan Anda berlumuran darah,” kata senator dari Partai Republik, Lindsey Graham dikutip dari Reuters, Kamis (1/2/2024).

Seorang senator dari Partai Demokrat Dick Durbin mengungkapkan kasus keuangan sextortion, yang melibatkan predator penipuan anak untuk mengirimkan foto dan video eksplisit terus meningkat. Dia mengutip data dari Pusat Nasional untuk Anak Hilang dan Tereksploitasi.

Selain Zuckerberg, sejumlah pemimpin media sosial besar juga hadir dalam rapat. Mulai dari CEO X Linda Yaccarino, CEO Snap Evan Spiegel, CEO Tiktok Shou Zi Zhew, dan CEO Discord Jason Citron.

Mau Nikah Bermahar 100 Gram Emas Ala Andika Kangen Band? Ini Tipsnya

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Andika Mahesa, vokalis Kangen Band yang kerap disapa Babang Tamvan dikabarkan baru saja melangsungkan pernikahan dengan Ayu Kartika Agustina. Menurut informasi, mahar pernikahan yang diberikan Andika adalah logam mulia berupa emas seberat 100 gram.

“Mahesa Andika Setiawan bin Suprapto, saya nikahkan dan saya kawinkan anak kakak kandung saya yang bernama Ayu Kartika Agustina binti A. Bahruddin kepadamu dengan mas kawin emas 100 gram dibayar tunai,” ucap wali nikah, seperti dikutip InsertLive.

Seperti diketahui, per tanggal 1 Februari 2024, harga emas batangan untuk ukuran 100 gram mencapai Rp 111.328.000 untuk Antam dan Rp 111.040.000 untuk UBS

Apakah Anda tertarik untuk memberikan mahar tersebut ke calon istri? Jika jawabannya ya dan Anda belum membelinya, maka Anda tentunya harus memeriksa terlebih dulu kondisi keuangan Anda.

Persiapan pernikahan tentu akan memakan biaya, dan perhatian Anda akan terfokus pada berbagai hal. Belum lagi, setelah pesta berakhir maka Anda juga akan dihadapkan dengan meningkatnya pengeluaran sehari-hari.

Besarnya mahar terkadang dipandang sebagai tolok ukur status kedudukan pria, padahal besar kecilnya sebuah mahar tak mempengaruhi syarat sah sebuah pernikahan.

Jika memang Anda memiliki dana menganggur yang cukup banyak dan tidak dialokasikan untuk kebutuhan apapun, sah-sah saja memberikan mahar 100 gram emas. Namun jika Anda memang Anda belum memiliki uang yang cukup tapi bercita-cita melakukan hal ini, maka perhatikanlah hal-hal berikut.

Merencanakan pernikahan sembari nabung mahar

Tentukanlah waktu ideal bagi Anda dan pasangan untuk melangsungkan pernikahan. Ideal yang dimaksud tentu harus didasari dengan persiapan finansial yang matang.

Buatlah perencanaan seputar berapa estimasi biaya yang dikeluarkan untuk akad, upacara adat, maupun resepsi, bila memang Anda berniat menggelar pesta.

Anggap saja, Anda pernikahan Anda dan pasangan akan berlangsung dua tahun lagi dan biaya yang Anda butuhkan mencapai Rp 300 juta. Jika saat ini Anda sudah memiliki tabungan Rp 100 juta yang ingin dialokasikan untuk menikah, maka kekurangan dana pernikahan Anda adalah Rp 200 juta, dan dalam sebulan Anda dan pasangan harus menabung Rp 8,3 juta.

Sementara itu untuk mas kawin emas 100 gram yang harganya tembus Rp 111 jutaan, tak ada yang bisa menjamin harga emas di tahun tersebut akan tetap sama. Bisa jadi lebih rendah atau bisa jadi sudah naik, harga emas tentu akan berfluktuasi sesuai dengan kondisi global.

Agar emas 100 gram terkumpul, Anda bisa membeli emas secara rutin sebesar 5 gram setiap bulannya. Adapun harga emas seberat 5 gram pada 1 Februari 2024 mencapai Rp 5,6 jutaan. Jika hal ini rutin Anda lakukan, dalam bulan ke 20, emas 100 gram sudah Anda miliki dengan catatan harga emas masih sama.

Beli banyak saat harga turun

Membeli rutin adalah strategi yang baik untuk diterapkan, namun Anda tentunya akan lebih beruntung jika membelinya di saat harga sedang turun.

Pantaulah harga emas setiap harinya, dan jika harga turun di bawah harga beli maka jangan ragu untuk melakukan pembelian.

Dalam sebulan, Anda tidak mesti harus menghabiskan uang Anda dengan melakukan pembelian emas 5 gram secara langsung. Anda bisa membagi modal Anda dan membeli setiap pekan dengan memperhatikan harga emas.

Beli emas digital

Emas digital memiliki berbagai keuntungan, salah satunya adalah nilai spread atau selisih harga beli dan buyback yang lebih rendah ketimbang batangan. Setelah terkumpul 100 gram, Anda pun bisa melakukan cetak emas ke bentuk fisik.

Namun Anda juga harus memperhatikan legalitas perusahaan yang menjadi fasilitator emas digital tersebut.

Perusahaan penyelenggara perdagangan emas digital harus berbentuk perseroan terbatas (PT) dan mengantongi izin Bappebti. Bila Anda ingin mencari tahu seputar perusahaan-perusahaan dan perizinannya, Anda bisa memeriksanya di

Untuk bisa mendapat perizinan, perusahaan tentunya harus memenuhi berbagai syarat mulai dari permodalan, fasilitas penyimpanan emas minimum, dan lain sebagainya.

Cicil emas

Selain membeli secara batangan atau dengan gramasi kecil lewat platform digital, ketahuilah bahwa Anda juga bisa membelinya dengan cara mencicil. Emas tersebut bisa Anda ambil ketika lunas.

Salah satu keuntungan mencicil emas adalah, Anda bisa mendapat angsuran yang sama meski harga emas sedang naik. Sementara itu emas yang bisa Anda cicil juga bisa dalam berat yang beragam, bahkan mencapai 1 kilogram.

Namun ketahuilah bahwa, ketika harga emas turun maka Anda tentu tidak bisa menikmatinya lantaran ada biaya angsuran tetap. Di samping itu mekanisme yang satu ini tentu tidak jauh berbeda dengan berutang.

Sesuaikan dengan kemampuan finansial

Selalu ingat bahwasannya, kehidupan setelah pesta pernikahan jauh lebih penting daripada biaya gedung, dekorasi, wedding planner, organizer, atau bahkan mas kawin itu sendiri.

Jika memang dalam sebulan uang yang Anda keluarkan untuk mempersiapkan pernikahan dinilai cukup tinggi, maka lakukanlah penyesuaian dengan baik terhadap biaya-biaya yang bakal dikeluarkan nantinya.

Anda mungkin berpikir bahwa sebuah pesta pernikahan adalah selebrasi yang terjadi satu kali seumur hidup, oleh karena itu tak ada salahnya membuat pesta yang bisa dikenang sepanjang masa.

Selama Anda memiliki uang yang cukup, Anda tentu bebas melakukan apa yang Anda inginkan. Namun jika sebaliknya, maka jangan sampai pesta pernikahan yang hanya terjadi sekali ini membuat keuangan Anda berantakan hingga jangka panjang.

Toyota Indonesia Recall Mobil Listrik Produksi Jepang, Bisa Bahaya

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) melakukan recall atau program pemanggilan kembali untuk mobil listrik battery electric vehicle (BEV) bZ4X produksi Maret 2022 – Juni 2023. Recall disebabkan masalah reprogramming Electronic Control Unit (ECU) yang mengendalikan tampilan seluruh informasi penting kendaraan pada Combination Meter.

Adapun Toyota merilis mobil ini di Indonesia pada 2022 dengan banderol Rp 1,19 miliar. Mobil ini diimpor dari Jepang.

“Kami akan melakukan pemeriksaan beserta reprogramming dalam bentuk software update pada Electronic Control Unit (ECU) pengendali Combination Meter yang berfungsi menampilkan seluruh informasi penting kendaraan dalam bentuk Multi Information Display (MID),” jelas Vice President Director PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), Henry Tanoto dikutip Selasa (30/1/2024).

Toyota bZ4X dilengkapi dengan Combination Meter System yang dikendalikan Electronic Control Unit (ECU), di mana berbagai informasi penting BEV ini, seperti lampu peringatan dan indikator, pengukur kendaraan pada umumnya, pengukur performa baterai dan motor listrik, jarak tempuh, pesan, dan informasi penting lainnya, ditampilkan dalam bentuk Multi Information Display (MID) dan dikirimkan pula ke Data Communication Module (DCM).

Pada prinsipnya, DCM berkomunikasi dengan ECU pada Combination Meter untuk memeriksa status kendaraan dalam jangka waktu tertentu setelah kunci kontak dimatikan. Jika komunikasi antara DCM dan ECU terjadi pada saat ECU menjalankan proses tertentu, ada kemungkinan ECU tidak menyelesaikan proses yang sedang dikerjakannya.

Ketika situasi ini terjadi, tampilan MID akan menjadi blank atau kosong setelah siklus kunci baru, yang selanjutnya tidak akan menampilkan tanda dan indikator tertentu. Karena ECU juga berinteraksi dengan fungsi lain seperti lampu penunjuk arah, lampu isyarat peringatan bahaya (hazard), dan Pre-Collision System (fitur dari teknologi Toyota Safety Sense 3.0), maka fungsi tersebut akan dinonaktifkan. Akibatnya, kendaraan tersebut berpotensi tidak memenuhi persyaratan tertentu terkait safety.

Jika mobil dipaksakan berjalan tanpa fungsi-fungsi ini, dapat meningkatkan risiko kecelakaan pada kondisi berkendara tertentu.

Proses reprogramming (software update) untuk memperbarui sistem dan mengatasi potensi malfungsi akan dilakukan oleh teknisi ahli bersertifikat Toyota global sehingga prosesnya dapat berlangsung dengan cepat dan aman. Dengan semangat continuous improvement, PT TAM sekaligus melakukan improvement berupa penambahan fitur pada tampilan Combination Meter Toyota bZ4X. Setelah pembaruan, layar informasi tersebut dapat memperlihatkan konsumsi energi pada baterai.

Estimasi waktu proses pengecekan hingga software update selesai, berlangsung sekitar maksimal 2 jam tanpa perlu adanya penggantian parts apapun.

Pelanggan disarankan supaya melakukan booking service terlebih dahulu, agar dealer dapat mempersiapkan stall dan teknisi, serta pelanggan tidak perlu terlalu lama menunggu antrian karena sudah terjadwal. Seluruh proses pemeriksaan hingga final check tidak dipungut biaya sama sekali alias gratis.